Jason Matthew Henderson | Assignment

Assignment Photography

In assignment photography the final price is a combination of three costs. These are Creative Fee, Usage rates and Expenses.


Creative Fee

As a commercial photographer you bill a creative fee separate from the expenses of the shoot. The creative fee is base on a time rate charge. 

JMH Photography 2016 rates are:

- Full Day Rate is $2000.00 per 8 hour day of shooting with 1 hour break somewhere within the day.

- Half Day Rate is $1000.00 per day for anything up to 4 hours

Usage Rates

The range in usage rates varies on the job commissioned. Fees are billed on where the final images will appear.

The range is from $50 up to $5000. The average usage rate sale is around $300.00 per final image.

Some examples of type of usage rights are:

‐ First time North American publishing rights

‐ One time reproduction rights

‐ Electronic rights


The general rule of thumb is a mark up of 15% on all expense pertaining to a commissioned

shoot if the expense are billed through the photographer.

If these expenses are billed directly to the client there is no mark up on the expenses.

Some examples of type of expenses are:

- support staff like Photography assistants, Hair and Make Up Artist, Food or Fashion Stylist 

- Talent like models, actors or animals

- Equipment Rentals, Location fees, extra insurance to cover location... etc