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Workshop for Models


Freelance Model 

Freelance Model workshop will teach you how to work as a professional freelance model and give you all the tips and trick that will help you succeed in your career. 

This will be done by teaching about the different areas of photography and what is expected from the model in these areas.  Also we will teach you how to work a camera through posing techniques specific to each type of photography from Glamour to Fashion to Lifestyle and Commercial Photography.   When discussing these areas we will also teach you how to do your own make up ( yes sometimes models do there own ) for these types of photography.  

Finally we will cover the business aspects of being a freelance model like How to build a portfolio? What to charge?, How to find work?,  What is a model releases?, How to be a Professional?, How to create your Brand? 

The Photography, Model and Make up instructors for this workshop have over 50 years of combined experience between them in the world of Modelling.

Day 1 -  In classroom lecture, posing workshop and make up workshop.

Day 2 - Hands on Practical Workshop in Studio with photographer and model coach.

$299.99  (Class size limit 10 people and will include a shoot which you will get final images from for your portfolio)

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Fundamental Photography Classes 

$199.99  (Class size limit 16 people)


Photography 101

Photography 101 will teach you the basic skills of photography. If you are an absolute beginner or a novice

photographer wanting a refresher course, this class is for you. No matter if it’s digital or film base photography, the

skills learned in these classes are the basic skills needed in creating great photographs.

Day 1 - Camera Basics and Understanding Exposure

Day 2 - Art of Composition - See the light, Capture the Light


Essential Skills in Creating Professional Images.

Essential Skills is a course designed to take your  photography to the next level. The skills learned in this course will teach you 

how to bend the rules of photography and take you from being an image taker to making you an image creator.

Day 1 - Advanced Camera Techniques and Flash Photography

Day 2 - Rules of Lighting and Introduction to Studio Lighting



Specialized Photography Workshops 

( Note all specialized workshops will need a strong understanding of the fundamentals of photography )


Model Photography   

Model photography will teach you how to see and create the differences between the different areas of photography that deals with using a model. As well it will teach you how to manage the logistics and sourcing of the support staff like make up artist, hair stylist, fashion stylist and of course dealing with the model. You will also be taught the do’s and don’ts of these industries and have the opportunity to shoot with models in each subject area of the course.

Day 1 - Glamour, Fashion and Fine art Nude Photography in classroom lecture. 

Day 2 - Hands on Practical Workshop in Studio and Location with models supplied

$499.99  (Class size limit 6 people)

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If you like taking photos, it is a guarantee someone will ask you to take their photo or photos of their family, kids or pets.

This class will give you all the skills to create those outstanding photos that will impress them and love you forever.

Day 1 - Traditional / Modern Portraiture and Available Light Portraiture in classroom Lecture.

Day 2 -  Hands on Practical Workshop in Studio / Location

$299.99  (Class size limit 8 people)


Fine Art of Photography 

The Art of Photography will teach you how to see and capture those stunning images you want to hang on a wall.

You will learn the unique skill sets needed to achieve success in these different areas of photography.

Day 1 - Fine Art, Landscape and Nature Photography in class lecture.

Day 2 - Hands on Practical Workshop in Studio and Location

$299.99  (Class size limit 10 people)

Fine Art Nudes-38Fine Art Nudes-38

Commercial Photography 

Commercial based photography has some unique challenges that portrait photographers don’t have. You will learn some basic skills and insider knowledge of these specific areas of photography. This class will give you a taste of how a photographer can earn a living off there photography.

Day 1 - Product Photography and Corporate Event Photography in classroom lecture

Day 2 - Architecture Photography and Lifestyle Photography in classroom lecture

$499.99  (Class size limit 6 people)


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Weekend Drop In Photography Presentations

Price $49.99 per person (Class size limit 16 people)


Art of Shooting Sports

Shooting sports is all about timing and predicting action.  In this lecture you will learn valuable techniques that will help you capture those sports illustrated moments in action sports.

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Capturing the Fall Colors 

Do you wonder how the pros get those stunning fall images with the brillant colors. This class will teach you on how to manipulate your camera so you can capture those same stunning images.


Capturing the Summer Fun 

Im sure you have tried to take pictures of the kids playing or a late night shot of a group of people around a campfire and the picture comes out blurry or its to dark or the colors aren't the same as you remembered. Come out to this class and learn some tips and techniques to get those great summer time pictures of your friends and family.


Flower Photography

For those gardening enthusiast out there, this lecture will help you in capturing those outstanding photos of your hard work in the garden.  Also if you like to take pictures of flowers, this lecture will give you some tips on how to create art out of mother nature’s hard work.

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Night Photography 

If you have ever tried to take picutres of fireworks on Canada Day or one of our great summer lightning storms, you have felt the frustration of trying to capture these events with your camera. The techniques you will learn in this lecture will give you the skills to handle these situation and many other night time or low light photography.


Point and Shoot 101 

This course is for the beginners and first camera owners that simply want better pictures from their “point and shoot” digital cameras. Learn how to take advantage of the built in preset modes to get great pictures. Learn also how to use the movie mode effectively. Getting great prints will be a snap after this course. The only requirement is bring you, your camera and manual.


Travel Photography 

Going on a holiday soon?  This lecture will cover the things you need to consider when traveling with camera and give you some helpful tips, so you can capture memorable photos of your vacation.